Lame Claypot Rice

Lame Claypot Rice

by Jiuyang Zhishi

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Simple and delicious~


Lame Claypot Rice

1. Take 100g of rice, wash it, and put it into the iron kettle rice cooker, select the "stove cooking" function, and click "start"

Lame Claypot Rice recipe

2. Slice the sausage, blanch the vegetables and mushrooms for later use

Lame Claypot Rice recipe

3. Fried a soft-boiled poached egg

Lame Claypot Rice recipe

4. Preparation of sauce: light soy sauce: soy sauce: oyster sauce: sugar=2:1:1:1

Lame Claypot Rice recipe

5. Go to the step of "enhancing the aroma of braised rice", put the sausage on the rice, pour the sauce, wait until the rice is cooked, stir well, and enjoy

Lame Claypot Rice recipe


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