Laoganma Fried Tofu

Laoganma Fried Tofu

by Melodious qinzi

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When you don’t know what flavor you want to eat, let’s spoon Laoganma sauce, all the flavors are easy to say...


Laoganma Fried Tofu

1. Wash the tofu and cut into 5mm thick slices

Laoganma Fried Tofu recipe

2. Pour oil in the pot and add tofu

Laoganma Fried Tofu recipe

3. Fry the tofu on both sides until golden brown and serve

Laoganma Fried Tofu recipe

4. Pour out the excess oil in the pot and add Laoganma sauce

Laoganma Fried Tofu recipe

5. Stir-fry the Lao Gan Ma sauce until fragrant, add a small bowl of water

Laoganma Fried Tofu recipe

6. Add the fried tofu and stir fry. When the soup is dry, add in the appropriate amount of salt and sugar, and sprinkle with chopped green onion after it is out of the pan.

Laoganma Fried Tofu recipe


1. When frying the tofu, put more oil in the pot, wait until the oil is warm and warm, then add the tofu, and turn it over in time to avoid sticking to the pot;
2. The amount of Laoganma sauce can be added according to your own taste. If you like spicy food, you can add more chili corners to enhance the flavor.


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