Leek Flower Sauce

Leek Flower Sauce

by Miss the ball

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I have made a lot of kimchi pickles recently, but almost all of them forgot to take pictures. This time I will add a few pictures to write about how to make leek flower sauce~ It is now the season for leek flowers to be on the market, and they can be left for a long time after they have been marinated~ When eating hot pot , Adding leek flower sauce to the dipping sauce is really delicious! "


Leek Flower Sauce

1. The leek flowers are selected, washed, drained, and marinated with salt for more than half an hour (marinated until softened)

Leek Flower Sauce recipe

2. Peel the apple and cut into pieces, cut the ginger into pieces, and mash the garlic into a puree like a cooking machine

Leek Flower Sauce recipe

3. The leeks should also be crushed in a food processor (don’t mash it into puree, just smash it). After it’s beaten, mix it with the puree, etc., put it in an oil-free and water-free bottle and store in the refrigerator.

Leek Flower Sauce recipe


1. The bottle mouth is covered with a layer of plastic wrap and then the cap is covered, which can better isolate the air and prevent corruption

2. If you feel that the saltiness is not enough, you can add some salt when you stir in the last step. Don't worry about being too salty, salt can be preserved, and the leek flower sauce is already very salty...


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