Scrambled Eggs with Spring Chives

Scrambled Eggs with Spring Chives

by Simple 7700

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Leek in spring is the first stubble. It is the most tender and delicious leeks. Although there is still another stubble after cutting, the taste of leeks is a little different in summer, so this time is the best time to eat. At this time, the leeks are also blooming, with small white flowers blooming. Take the rhizome and the flowers together, they are tender and tender, and they will break when pinched, like a little girl's face, tender and tender.


Scrambled Eggs with Spring Chives

1. Clean the leek flower and cut into sections, prepare two eggs.

Scrambled Eggs with Spring Chives recipe

2. Beat the eggs into a deep bowl, add an appropriate amount of salt, and stir with chopsticks until the chopsticks have obvious bubbles. Add salt early to prevent confusion.

Scrambled Eggs with Spring Chives recipe

3. Put an appropriate amount of oil on medium and low heat, pour the egg mixture along the side of the pot, shake the pot until the liquid in the pot slowly solidifies. After solidification, do not rush to disperse and serve until the egg liquid at the bottom of the pot turns slightly yellow, disperse and serve. The scrambled eggs will be more fragrant, and you can smell the fragrance of the eggs during the frying process.

Scrambled Eggs with Spring Chives recipe

4. If there is no oil in the original pan, add a small amount of oil, turn to high heat, add the leeks, stir fry, season with salt, and fry until soft. I will pour a little water on the side of the pot, so that the temperature in the pot will rise sharply, and the leeks will be more delicious.

Scrambled Eggs with Spring Chives recipe

5. Stir-fry the beaten eggs and leek flowers together, try the taste, and you are ready to cook.

Scrambled Eggs with Spring Chives recipe


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