Leshan Crispy Tofu

Leshan Crispy Tofu

by Brother Xiaoyu's private house

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Speaking of Leshan, most people think of the Big Buddha. For foodies, they think of Bobo Chicken, Tofu Nao, Sweet Skin Duck, Cross-legged Beef, etc. However, what I bring to you today is another kind of delicacy. --Leshan crisp tofu, the preparation method is relatively simple, learn it if you like it!


Leshan Crispy Tofu

1. One piece of tofu is about 500g,

Leshan Crispy Tofu recipe

2. After cutting into squares of the same size, divide them into two triangles,

Leshan Crispy Tofu recipe

3. Drain the tofu and put it in a pan with 70% heat,

Leshan Crispy Tofu recipe

4. Fry until golden brown and remove,

Leshan Crispy Tofu recipe

5. Use a knife to make a square for the tofu cube,

Leshan Crispy Tofu recipe

6. Then use a small spoon to take out the tofu inside to make a tofu box,

Leshan Crispy Tofu recipe

7. Shred green, white, and carrots, and chop coriander,

Leshan Crispy Tofu recipe

8. Add salt, light soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, and red oil and stir well,

Leshan Crispy Tofu recipe

9. Sprinkle in coriander, mix well, and stuff into tofu box.

Leshan Crispy Tofu recipe


1: 70% oil temperature: When chopsticks are inserted into the oil pan, many small bubbles will quickly appear around it. \n2: I have no way to give specific data on the amount of seasoning. You can add it according to your own taste.


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