Little Duck Icing Cookies

Little Duck Icing Cookies

by Zero Zero Baking

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The little ducks quacked and went into the water together to catch fish and shrimps. . .
The icing biscuits made by ducklings are actually made together with Ding Dong cats, but everyone likes Ding Dong cats, so this one has not been sorted out.
In fact, this is much simpler than Jingle Cat. For novices, it is recommended to do this. It has less color and no thin lines, so it is easy to learn and operate.
The result is also very cute and beautiful. Here is mainly to introduce the method of icing. For the method of biscuits, please refer to the method in the "Icing Biscuit Embryo Fondant Biscuit Embryo" I posted earlier. The most important thing to do is to be patient Be careful, it takes time to dry the icing, so it’s best to prepare it two or three days in advance.
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Little Duck Icing Cookies

1. For the recipe of biscuits, please refer to the "Icing Sugar Biscuit Embryo"
The ingredients for making icing biscuits are: powdered sugar, protein powder, food coloring, and warm water.
This amount can make 30 or 40 ducks

Little Duck Icing Cookies recipe

2. Put the powdered sugar and protein powder in a bowl

Little Duck Icing Cookies recipe

3. Add water and add water twice to avoid observing the state. After adding it, stir it with a spoon. It is very thick and not flowing. After adding water, the volume will become much smaller. I made 30 biscuits for this amount of icing, too little is not easy to beat, so it is still recommended not to reduce the amount

Little Duck Icing Cookies recipe

4. Then use an electric whisk to beat hard. Lifting the whisk will have firm corners, the color will become white, and the volume will become larger. The frosting is ready. This frosting is in a relatively hard state. When you do it later, Mix with water as needed to turn into frosting in different states

Little Duck Icing Cookies recipe

5. Take some icing sugar, add water and yellow food coloring to make yellow icing to make the yellow part of the duck. Add a small amount of water several times. The hardness of the frosting should be able to disappear after 5 seconds after pulling out the thread.

Little Duck Icing Cookies recipe

6. After adjusting, put it in the piping bag

Little Duck Icing Cookies recipe

7. Prepare the biscuits. For how to prepare the biscuits, please refer to the "Icing Sugar Biscuit Embryos" I shared earlier.
It's just that the mold can be pressed with this kind of duck mold

Little Duck Icing Cookies recipe

8. The biscuit first draw the duck's mouth with an edible pencil

Little Duck Icing Cookies recipe

9. Fry a small mouth at the bottom of the piping bag and squeeze a circle of yellow icing

Little Duck Icing Cookies recipe

10. Then squeeze the icing sugar in the middle, use the icing stirring stick to push the icing evenly in a circular motion, and replace the toothpicks if there is no stirring stick.

Little Duck Icing Cookies recipe

11. Push the yellow frosting evenly and decorate it with colored sugar. Press the sugar down a little bit. It is too protruding and easy to fall off. If there is no decoration sugar, you don’t need it, and then dry the frosting.

Little Duck Icing Cookies recipe

12. After drying, use the same method to draw out the orange frosting to draw the mouth. The mouth should be drawn twice separately. First draw the upper part, and then dry it before drawing the lower part.

Little Duck Icing Cookies recipe

13. When the icing is dry, draw the eyes again. After the eyes are drawn, decorate the whites with white sugar beads. If there are no sugar beads, use uncolored icing is also possible. You must wait for the yellow icing to dry before you can operate it, otherwise it will cause color

Little Duck Icing Cookies recipe

14. Finally, draw the upper and lower mouth, and dry it after drawing.

Little Duck Icing Cookies recipe


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