Little Lion Bread

Little Lion Bread

by Ann de small kitchen

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The little lion bread full of childishness, the new language of high imitation bread, is most effective when used to coax children. (*^__^*) Hehe..."


Little Lion Bread

1. Mix flour, water, milk powder, eggs, salt, sugar and yeast and knead well, then add butter and knead until the film is formed.

Little Lion Bread recipe

2. The basic fermentation is 2.5 times larger.

Little Lion Bread recipe

3. After the dough is kneaded and fermented, it is divided into 6 portions, and each portion of dough is divided into two doughs, one large and one small, according to the ratio of 1:3.

Little Lion Bread recipe

4. Roll out the big and small dough slightly.

Little Lion Bread recipe

5. Put a little pork floss on top of the big dough.

Little Lion Bread recipe

6. Cover the small dough and press it tightly around the edges.

Little Lion Bread recipe

7. After it's done, it will be fermented and baked. Fire up and down in the middle, 180 degrees for 18 minutes.

Little Lion Bread recipe

8. After baking, spread salad dressing on the edge of the dough, stick the pork floss, and use chocolate sauce to draw the face of the little lion.

Little Lion Bread recipe


The joint of the two doughs must be tight, otherwise it will burst easily in the end.


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