Mango Xuemei Niang

Mango Xuemei Niang

by Q pig baby

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I ate this dessert Xuemei Niang once in a dessert shop and fell in love with it. Its outer surface is a layer of sweet and soft transparent glutinous rice flour skin, which is wrapped with a piece of fresh fruit flesh, as well as sweet and slippery butter frost. The frozen taste is intriguing like a girl. Inadvertently, I saw that there were ready-made snow plums for sale. I bought a pack without hesitation. Then I went to the supermarket and chose an imported Vietnamese mango (very sweet and juicy). I made it for my family during the holiday. ~ Great!


Mango Xuemei Niang

1. Prepare ingredients and tools

Mango Xuemei Niang recipe

2. Weigh 85 grams of whipped cream

Mango Xuemei Niang recipe

3. Add 10 grams of caster sugar

Mango Xuemei Niang recipe

4. Beat with ice water until hard foaming

Mango Xuemei Niang recipe

5. Peel the mango and cut into small pieces

Mango Xuemei Niang recipe

6. Take a piece of snow plum nanny skin and remove the cornstarch sticking on the surface

Mango Xuemei Niang recipe

7. Use the chiffon cake mold to hold up the snow plum nanny skin, and spoon in the right amount of cream

Mango Xuemei Niang recipe

8. Put a piece of mango

Mango Xuemei Niang recipe

9. Wrap it up with the opening facing down

Mango Xuemei Niang recipe

10. Put it in the refrigerator and freeze for more than 2 hours before eating, it tastes better

Mango Xuemei Niang recipe


The flesh is cut neatly, so that it does not protrude when wrapped, and is smooth and neat.


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