Xue Mei Niang

Xue Mei Niang

by Qiaochu Baking

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The skin of Xue Mei Niang is white and soft, and the first bite is the very smooth ice skin. Inside is the pleasant whipped cream of the milkshake, wrapped in delicious fruit pieces, sour and sweet, with a rich taste. We are making every recipe with our heart, just to find more baking lovers.


Xue Mei Niang

1. material:
Xuemei Niang Peel: 8 sheets, Isinglass powder: 3 grams, Cold water: 12 grams, Light cream: 100 grams, Fine sugar: 10 grams, Diced mango: appropriate amount

Xue Mei Niang recipe

2. step:
Soak cold water into isinglass powder to dissolve

Xue Mei Niang recipe

3. Whip the whipped cream while adding fine sugar

Xue Mei Niang recipe

4. The dissolved isinglass powder is melted in water and then added to the whipped cream, mix well, and put it in the refrigerator to freeze for a while.

Xue Mei Niang recipe

5. Take a piece of skin and put it on your hand, put an appropriate amount of whipped cream filling in the middle, and put a diced mango in the middle of the cream filling

Xue Mei Niang recipe

6. Dip some water around and wrap it up, squeeze the closing area and place the bottom on the chopping board, and transfer Xuemei Niang with both hands to make it rounder

Xue Mei Niang recipe

7. Finally, put the paper tray

Xue Mei Niang recipe


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