Margarita Cookies

Margarita Cookies

by LLY&ZSJ (from Tencent.)

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I saw a lot of people making this biscuit in Food Jie, and everyone commented that it was crispy, so try it and give it to your friend's one-year-old son.
As a result, after making the sesame shortbread, there are only 50 grams of butter left, so it is half the amount, about 18 yuan.
After trying this biscuit, I think it’s a full-scale version of Wangzai Steamed Buns. Friends who have a baby can try it.


Margarita Cookies

1. Weigh all the ingredients, the butter is softened, the eggs are steamed, the softened butter is sweetened and beaten, use a sieve to grind the egg yolk into the butter paste, and finally add the sieved low flour and corn flour, and finally add a few drops of hydrated salt Knead into the dough. Wrap in safety belt and freeze for 20 minutes

Margarita Cookies recipe

2. Take the dough out of the refrigerator and divide it into a good dose (it’s been a bit long and I forgot the weight of each portion, but this is random, it looks like a total of about 18), and then use it to form small balls or small cylinders. Click the thumb to get it

Margarita Cookies recipe

3. Preheat the oven at 170 degrees for a minute or two, then put the biscuits in the middle and change to 150 degrees for 20 minutes.


1. Because this biscuit has no water powder added in the whole process, it is very difficult to knead the dough by relying on butter, so I thought about adding a little water to separate the salt.
2. In fact, the method of this biscuits is similar to that of small steamed buns, but it is much simpler than small steamed buns, because it saves the most painful step of small steamed buns, and the extra ingredients are super simple, so it is very suitable for babies to eat, as long as the sugar is followed Reduce the amount of salt
3. In fact, the last step of pressing can be omitted, because I think it is also good to make a small cylindrical shape, but it is good when pressing, just pay attention to force, don't be too strong, you see I am too female Afterwards, a few biscuits were disconnected after the test was completed.


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