Marinated Chicken Feet

Marinated Chicken Feet

by Xiaoyu Kitchen

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Every night I get off at the station to buy chicken feet and eat at the end of the shift. Disregarding any image at all. Buy 2 and eat it at home and it's almost finished. What you do outside is always not as healthy and sanitary as what you do yourself. Made it last night. A little bit is not too flavorful. I soaked it all night and heated it up a little while eating today. very delicious.


Marinated Chicken Feet

1. The chicken feet are ready.

Marinated Chicken Feet recipe

2. Prepare the halogen material. I added dried chili and Chinese pepper in addition. There are also bay leaves.

Marinated Chicken Feet recipe

3. Boil hot water in a pot and add ginger slices for cooking wine.

Marinated Chicken Feet recipe

4. Put the chicken feet down to blanch the water to get rid of fishy.

Marinated Chicken Feet recipe

5. Then remove and wash.

Marinated Chicken Feet recipe

6. Re-take a pot and add appropriate amount of water and brine.

Marinated Chicken Feet recipe

7. Add chicken feet. Add cooking wine. soy sauce. salt. After the water is boiled, turn to a low heat for 15 minutes. Soak for a few hours more delicious.

Marinated Chicken Feet recipe


Blanching chicken feet can remove fishy. Can't cook for too long. Chicken feet can easily rot.


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