Mashed Potato Sushi

Mashed Potato Sushi

by Wandering wood

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Usually sushi is made of rice, but rice has a high calorie, so I replaced it with potatoes~ the taste is as good as the rice version.


Mashed Potato Sushi

1. First, cook the potatoes and puree them. ps: Eggs are optional.

Mashed Potato Sushi recipe

2. Cut the cucumber and carrot into strips. Wash the lettuce. spare.

Mashed Potato Sushi recipe

3. Boil the crab sticks and sausages in clean water. Drain and set aside.

Mashed Potato Sushi recipe

4. Make potatoes into mashed potatoes, add pepper and salt, and stir.

Mashed Potato Sushi recipe

5. Spread the sushi skins, spread the potato skins, and arrange the prepared dishes.

Mashed Potato Sushi recipe

6. wrap up. Semi-finished products

Mashed Potato Sushi recipe

7. Finally, cut into pieces and serve on a plate.

Mashed Potato Sushi recipe


Those who don’t like carrots don’t have to. Can be used as a meal replacement.


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