Matsutake Chicken Soup

Matsutake Chicken Soup

by Lin Binger

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Matsutake, anyone who has watched "China on the Tip of the Tongue" should be familiar with it. I also learned about this precious fungus through this documentary. The reason why Matsutake is precious is that it has high nutritional value on the one hand, and perhaps because it is more delicate and cannot be cultivated artificially. It can only be picked after it grows naturally in the old forest in the deep mountains. This one should be its worth. It’s an important reason, and fresh matsutake is not easy to preserve, so it is difficult for ordinary people to enjoy the taste enjoyment brought to us by fresh matsutake. All we can eat are dried products. Matsutake also has a favorite effect. Because it has anti-cancer effects and can improve the body’s immunity, I have seen bloggers cut fresh matsutake into slices, fry them in butter, and sprinkle with a little salt to enjoy them directly. I also heard that this is Matsutake is the most delicious way to eat, but I can't enjoy this kind of delicacy at the moment. I only have the opportunity to see if I can taste it when I have a chance to go to Yunnan. So let’s get dried food if you can’t eat it fresh, at least the stuff retains its due umami flavor. It is a good choice for stewing various soups. A bowl of delicious chicken soup was served on the New Year’s table to protect the health of the whole family.


Matsutake Chicken Soup

1. 1. Soak matsutake two hours in advance
2. Boil water in a pot, boil the ginger slices and add the chai chicken to blanch water
3. In another pot, put the blanched chicken into the saucepan
4. Add ginger slices and garlic cloves
5. Add onion, knot the chives and put in
6. Add cooking wine and simmer for 30 minutes
7. Add matsutake
8. Cover with a lid and continue to simmer for 20 minutes
9. Add salt before starting the pot

Matsutake Chicken Soup recipe


1. Matsutake itself is very fragrant, so it is not recommended to put too much condiment on this dish
2. Matsutake can also be used to cook pork ribs or other meats


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