Microwave Steamed Eggs

Microwave Steamed Eggs

by Dream Yun_

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The correct way to open steamed eggs-tender, smooth, Q bomb! Those who fail to meet these 3 standards are fake steamed eggs! 99% of my friends think they can make this dish, because it looks simple and it's really not difficult to make. BUT! There are many ways to make a successful plate of steamed eggs, let me tell you today! Oh, the point. Sieving and whipping in place, the time should not be too long. Today, steaming eggs in a microwave oven is convenient for express delivery, which saves the trouble of washing the pot.


Microwave Steamed Eggs


Microwave Steamed Eggs recipe


Microwave Steamed Eggs recipe

3. ① Beat eggs in the bowl.

Microwave Steamed Eggs recipe

4. ② Use chopsticks to scatter into a smooth egg liquid. (Be sure to break up the egg, otherwise it will be unevenly steamed, and it may be mixed with egg whites

Microwave Steamed Eggs recipe

5. ③ After boiling the water, let it cool, pour it into the egg liquid, and stir while pouring. The ratio of water to egg liquid is 2:1.

Microwave Steamed Eggs recipe

6. ④ Add salt and stir while putting it. Use a spoon to scrape off the scum on the surface of the sieved egg liquid. (Be sure to keep the egg liquid in a bubble-free state, so that it will be finely steamed)

Microwave Steamed Eggs recipe

7. ⑤ Sift the egg liquid and pour it into the pan. (The plate is shallower than the bowl. When steaming the eggs, the middle and bottom of the egg liquid will be easier to steam and will not be uneven) Cover with plastic wrap. (Prevent steam droplets from dripping into the egg liquid. Make a few holes in the plastic wrap.

Microwave Steamed Eggs recipe

8. ⑥. Put it in the microwave,

Microwave Steamed Eggs recipe

9. 7. Start the steamed egg function,

Microwave Steamed Eggs recipe

10. Add a little light soy sauce, sprinkle with chopped green onion and serve. (Observe the coagulation of the egg liquid, it will feel like a Q bomb if it shakes slightly)

Microwave Steamed Eggs recipe


1. Be sure to break the eggs into a uniform egg liquid. Pick it up with chopsticks, the egg liquid will not be connected together, will not hang on the chopsticks but will fall naturally, which is a uniform state.

2. The egg liquid must be sieved, de-bubbled, and covered with plastic wrap
Steam it later.

3. The steaming time should not be too long. Put the water in after boiling.
It must be steamed on a medium-to-small heat, and keep it for 10 minutes. Observe that the egg liquid has solidified. If it shakes slightly, it will feel like a Q-bomb. It should be out of the pot immediately, otherwise it is easy to steam.

4. The plate is shallower than the bowl. When steaming eggs, the middle and bottom of the egg liquid will be easier to steam without unevenness. So you can use a plate or a bowl that is not so deep for steamed eggs. If glass material is used, heat-resistant glass must be used.


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