Milk Omelette

Milk Omelette

by Donger's mother

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One loaf and two: can be eaten dry, can be rolled vegetables. Since there are no greens to roll at home, I used homemade sausages and pickled cucumbers. The taste is also very good.


Milk Omelette

1. Beat the eggs, add milk and oil and stir.

Milk Omelette recipe

2. Pour in the flour and stir and the particles are no longer fine. Let it rest for 30 minutes.

Milk Omelette recipe

3. Put a little oil in the pan, pour the batter and smooth it out.

Milk Omelette recipe

4. The other side is also slightly yellow

Milk Omelette recipe


Put a little oil on the first pie, and don’t need to put the following pie. Just burn it directly, and leave one pot away from the fire after heating, so that the next one won't be smeared badly.


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