Millet Fried Rice

Millet Fried Rice

by o依猫oοΟ (From Tencent.)

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Millet is rich in oryzanol and rich in lutein, which is easy to digest. It is delicious and nutritious to stir-fry a bowl of millet for children.


Millet Fried Rice

1. 1 small bowl of millet, wash clean, put in a rice cooker and add 1 bowl and a half of water (a bowl for millet), steamed, serve out, and break with chopsticks.

Millet Fried Rice recipe

2. Dice the onion and carrot and set aside.

Millet Fried Rice recipe

3. Put peanut oil in a pot, add onion and carrot diced to 70% heat and sauté until fragrant.

Millet Fried Rice recipe

4. Add the prepared millet rice and stir fry.

Millet Fried Rice recipe

5. After the rice grains and the vegetables are fused to form a fragrance, sprinkle with salt and take it out of the pot.

Millet Fried Rice recipe


After the millet is steamed, use chopsticks to break it apart, every grain of rice that is fried is fragrant


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