Miso Yam Ham Porridge

Miso Yam Ham Porridge

by Eight feet canteen

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The previous few days coincided with the autumnal equinox. From a geographical point of view, the day length will gradually be shorter than that of night after this day. From the perspective of solar terms, the autumnal equinox means the arrival of true autumn and the climate begins to dry. , The temperature also began to decrease significantly. Although as far as the magic city is concerned, in recent years, autumn has become increasingly non-existent. When the cold air strikes, it will be winter. After the cold air is gone, it will suddenly return to summer, causing everything to wear on the road, making it alive and well. It has become a season of random dressing. But in any case, Qiuzao still has to prevent it. On weekdays, you should eat more foods that nourish yin and moisturize dryness to balance yin and yang and reconcile the five internal organs. This yam ham porridge is a good choice.


Miso Yam Ham Porridge

1. Wash rice to remove impurities, filter water for later use

Miso Yam Ham Porridge recipe

2. Cut Jinhua ham into evenly sized cubes for later use

Miso Yam Ham Porridge recipe

3. Peel the yam and cut into pieces for later use

Miso Yam Ham Porridge recipe

4. Miso is melted with a small amount of warm water and set aside

Miso Yam Ham Porridge recipe

5. Pour all the ingredients into the quick cooker, add 1500 ml of water, set the pressure to level 1, set the cooking time to 15 minutes, turn on the high fire first, and change the low fire to the low fire after the pressure rise is finished, the sensor will emit after the cooking is finished Buzzer reminds to turn off the fire

Miso Yam Ham Porridge recipe

6. After turning off the fire, set the gear to the fast exhaust gear, and open the lid after the steam stops spraying

Miso Yam Ham Porridge recipe

7. Taste the seasoning. Generally speaking, ham is salty enough, no need to add additional salt

Miso Yam Ham Porridge recipe

8. Pour the miso paste into the porridge, stir evenly, and then take it out of the pan, sprinkle a little green onion to embellish it

Miso Yam Ham Porridge recipe


It is recommended to wear a pair of gloves when handling yam. Do not let the yam mucus get on your skin, or it will itch.


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