Mixed Grilled Noodles

Mixed Grilled Noodles

by Multi-cun Yellow Cooking

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Yimian was originally called Yifu noodles, a traditional noodle dish of the Han nationality. It is a kind of fried egg noodles. Iraqi noodles pay attention to the color and shape, the body is loose but not loose, floating but not solid, and it tastes smooth and sweet. Yimian has similarities with modern instant noodles, so it is also known as the originator of instant noodles. It has also become one of the two staple foods of Cantonese wedding banquets and birthday banquets. Lobster noodles is also a favorite dish. Today, I will introduce a cooking noodle with more commoner ingredients.


Mixed Grilled Noodles

1. First, the black fungus is soaked, and the green pepper is shredded with an oblique knife.

Mixed Grilled Noodles recipe

2. The prince mushroom is cut into small pieces with a hob method, and the fish tofu is taken out and defrosted.

Mixed Grilled Noodles recipe

3. Boil a pot of water and put the frozen fish tofu in the water to thaw.

Mixed Grilled Noodles recipe

4. Open the canned chicken soup for later use, wash the cabbage and cut into small pieces.

Mixed Grilled Noodles recipe

5. Unpack the Iraqi noodles, blanch them with the boiling water in step 2 for 10 seconds, and let them dry.

Mixed Grilled Noodles recipe

6. In a frying pan, stir-fry the fungus, prince mushroom and cabbage, adding a little salt in the meantime.

Mixed Grilled Noodles recipe

7. Add fish tofu and green pepper shreds, and pour into a can of chicken broth. Season with sugar, dark soy sauce and oyster sauce.

Mixed Grilled Noodles recipe

8. After the chicken broth is boiled, add the noodles and stir fry for a few times.

Mixed Grilled Noodles recipe

9. Turn off the heat, pour in the sesame oil and stir evenly to get out of the pot.

Mixed Grilled Noodles recipe


1. The cooking time of the noodles must be fast, if not, it will be awkward.
2. Add sesame oil after turning off the flame.


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