Moon Cake

Moon Cake

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The Mid-Autumn Festival is here. How can you have a strong festive atmosphere if you don’t prepare to order mooncakes. As a must-have food for the Mid-Autumn Festival, it feels great to make by yourself. Bean paste, lotus paste, chestnut, three favorite stuffings, A little bit of each.

Moon Cake

1. Prepare materials

Moon Cake recipe

2. Pour the inverted syrup into a bowl, add in water and peanut oil and mix well

Moon Cake recipe

3. Sift in flour and milk powder, knead into a dough, and let it rise for 1 to 2 hours after kneading

Moon Cake recipe

4. Divide the sink and the skin according to the ratio of 3:5 (I used 15 grams of skin and 25 grams of sink).

Moon Cake recipe

5. Pat the skin flat, wrap it in, and roll it into a dough. Mix egg yolk and 15ml egg white into egg yolk water

Moon Cake recipe

6. Sprinkle some flour in the moon cake mold and press it into a cake shape. Put in the mold

Moon Cake recipe

7. 200C·Up and down fire. Bake for five minutes, take out and brush with egg yolk water, and bake for another 15 minutes

Moon Cake recipe


1. When using oil, be sure to use the tasteless, otherwise the mooncakes will taste oily;
2. After the mooncake is ready, it will take two to three days before it becomes soft, so be patient.


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