Mugwort Sticky Rice

Mugwort Sticky Rice

by Su Yan 226

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Every year on the spring equinox, it is a festival for the Miao people to make moxa glutinous rice. On this day, everyone will go to the mountain fields to find fresh moxa leaves to cook and eat. Wormwood has the effects of dehumidification, dispelling cold, hemostasis, anti-inflammatory, improving indigestion, relieving asthma, relieving cough, anti-fetus, anti-allergic, etc.


Mugwort Sticky Rice

1. Pick fresh mugwort leaves and remove the hard stems

Mugwort Sticky Rice recipe

2. Chop, squeeze out the water forcefully halfway through, repeat several times, until no water can be squeezed out

Mugwort Sticky Rice recipe

3. Put oil in the pan, put the wormwood in it and fry it, and it smells very good. Take it out

Mugwort Sticky Rice recipe

4. Stir-fry the mugwort, take it out and set aside

Mugwort Sticky Rice recipe

5. The glutinous rice is soaked for eight hours in advance, so that it is easier to soften and cook faster

Mugwort Sticky Rice recipe

6. Wash the bacon and cut into small pieces for later use

Mugwort Sticky Rice recipe

7. Mix the fried wormwood, bacon, thirteen incense, and salt together. Steam in a pot on high heat for half an hour. (You can lick enough salt with your tongue)

Mugwort Sticky Rice recipe


The mugwort must be chopped very finely, and the water should be squeezed dry\nThe amount of mugwort and bacon should be put according to your favorite\n


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