Mushroom Braised Pork Rice

Mushroom Braised Pork Rice

by CaLinn

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Delicious braised pork rice!


Mushroom Braised Pork Rice

1. Boil the eggs first, soak them in cold water, so that they are easy to peel

Mushroom Braised Pork Rice recipe

2. Prepare the ingredients, cut the pork belly into short cubes, dice mushrooms and onions, and mince garlic

Mushroom Braised Pork Rice recipe

3. Pour oil into the pan, wait for the oil to heat up, pour in the chopped onion and minced garlic, stir fry, and fry until fragrant

Mushroom Braised Pork Rice recipe

4. Put the pork belly in the pot and fry slowly until the surface is slightly yellow

Mushroom Braised Pork Rice recipe

5. Add diced shiitake mushrooms and stir-fry evenly

Mushroom Braised Pork Rice recipe

6. Move the whole pot of food to the boiling pot, add water, cooking wine, soy sauce, rock sugar, and bring to a boil

Mushroom Braised Pork Rice recipe

7. Ten minutes later, put in the peeled boiled egg, continue to simmer for about 29 minutes, then it will be out of the pot and pour on the rice

Mushroom Braised Pork Rice recipe


Pay attention to the soup when simmering on high fire and low fire to prevent it from drying out.


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