Mushroom Chicken Soup

Mushroom Chicken Soup

by Yoha Kitchen

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Fast-paced lifestyle, eating fast-paced, especially continuous overtime work to overload the body, want to drink a bowl of nourishing soup, nourish the spleen and stomach, strengthen physical fitness, let the porridge master help to make a pot of soup . Use a variety of mushrooms, plus hericium and chicken drumsticks, use the soup button under the porridge master's automatic menu, a pot of soup is made by the master, and finally only seasoned with salt, it is really a pot of essence soup .

Mushroom Chicken Soup

1. Prepare all the ingredients and thaw the frozen chicken legs

Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

2. Soak all the mushrooms and red dates in water, add a little white vinegar

Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

3. Wash the thawed chicken thighs, blanch, remove and rinse with cold water

Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

4. Hericium edodes should be washed and dried repeatedly, and the mushrooms and chicken drumsticks should be put into the pot

Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

5. Add water

Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

6. Put tangerine peel and dried ginger

Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

7. Use the congee master's soup function, the time is set to 80 minutes, everything is operated by the master, just wait for the soup to be ready

Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe

8. When the time comes, season with appropriate amount of salt.

Mushroom Chicken Soup recipe


The soup cooked by the master porridge is thick and the chicken is soft and glutinous, which saves worry and trouble. Xiaobai is no problem.


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