Mustard Egg Soup

Mustard Egg Soup

by Wandering stars

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Haier's father is not at home, so she can be lazy about eating. One mustard and egg soup, one green pepper shredded pork, a bowl of rice, my daughter and I’s lunch was simply resolved. Pickled mustard is ranked first in the world's three famous pickles (namely, Fuling mustard, French pickled cucumber, German sweet and sour cabbage), and has always been listed as a good vegetarian dish. The craftsmanship is unique, the ingredients are exquisite, the flavor is crispy and tender, and the aftertaste is long.
Pickled mustard has a special sour and salty taste, crisp and refreshing, and can be used for serving, stir-frying and making soup.
The appearance of high-quality mustard tuber is blue or light yellow, and the surface is red dyed with chili powder. It is shiny, crispy body, strong and delicious. The ingredients of mustard tuber are mainly protein, carotene, dietary fiber, minerals, etc., suitable for The general population.


Mustard Egg Soup

1. Ingredients: mustard, eggs

Mustard Egg Soup recipe

2. Soak the mustard tuber in water for a while to remove some of the salt

Mustard Egg Soup recipe

3. Beat the eggs into the bowl

Mustard Egg Soup recipe

4. Add salt and cooking wine to beat

Mustard Egg Soup recipe

5. Add water to the pot, add oil to boil

Mustard Egg Soup recipe

6. Add mustard shreds and boil

Mustard Egg Soup recipe

7. Turn down the heat and pour into the egg mixture

Mustard Egg Soup recipe

8. Add salt to taste after the egg is solidified

Mustard Egg Soup recipe

9. Drizzle some sesame oil

Mustard Egg Soup recipe

10. Just sprinkle a little green onion

Mustard Egg Soup recipe


The mustard tuber itself is very salty, so it is best to soak it beforehand and add less salt at the end.


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