Net Red Tomato Braised Rice

Net Red Tomato Braised Rice

by Koki Sakura

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Conveniently suitable for lazy girls and babies


Net Red Tomato Braised Rice

1. The food prepared here is for three people. I didn’t buy the sausage and replaced it with Cantonese sausage. I still think the sausage tastes good. I only used half of the onion.

Net Red Tomato Braised Rice recipe

2. The corn mixed vegetables bought in the supermarket actually only buy corn kernels, the best mixed vegetables are not very tasty.

Net Red Tomato Braised Rice recipe

3. Here I want to say that if you like heavy mouth, you can put a little more salt, others just put a little bit, especially the sesame oil

Net Red Tomato Braised Rice recipe

4. Cut all the prepared vegetables into small cubes

Net Red Tomato Braised Rice recipe

5. Just like cooking rice, put as much water in as much rice, put a tomato in the middle, don’t need to peel the skin, put the vegetables in order, turn off the pot and start simmering. The time is the same as cooking rice.

Net Red Tomato Braised Rice recipe

6. What I want to explain here is that it smells delicious when you open the lid. Use a rice spatula to mix the tomato and rice like fried rice but not so dry. I believe you will fall in love with it once you cook it.

Net Red Tomato Braised Rice recipe


In fact, vegetables can be added according to personal preference. This kind of rice is very suitable for the baby to eat. Put in the nutritious ingredients that you don’t like to eat, and the baby will eat it all


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