Northeast Cold Dishes

Northeast Cold Dishes

by yct0605

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The cold dish that I loved to eat when I was young, now I make it for my wife and children, and I must order it every time. "


Northeast Cold Dishes

1. The main ingredients are here, one fine meat, two vermicelli, one thousand sheets, three slices of baby cabbage, garlic, and chives.

Northeast Cold Dishes recipe

2. Thousand sheets of shreds, fine meat into shreds, boil the vermicelli and the thousand sheets with boiling water in a pot of boiling water, the fans should not be too soft, they need to be vigorous to taste, and the thousand sheets will be blanched in a few minutes.

Northeast Cold Dishes recipe

3. Shred baby cabbage, cut chives into sections, slap and chop garlic into large pots.

Northeast Cold Dishes recipe

4. Put a little more cooking oil in the iron pan, add the shredded pork and fry until the oil is hot.

Northeast Cold Dishes recipe

5. Pour the cooked meat and the remaining oil into the previously shredded bowl.

Northeast Cold Dishes recipe

6. Put the hot vermicelli and the thousand sheets into the basin.

Northeast Cold Dishes recipe

7. Add light soy sauce, salt, balsamic vinegar, and sesame oil, and mix well with chopsticks. It tastes a little bit sour, which is delicious. You can also add coriander to taste better. You can also add chili oil if you like spicy taste.

Northeast Cold Dishes recipe

8. Mix the platter

Northeast Cold Dishes recipe


Put it in the refrigerator for a while in the summer to taste better.


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