Octagon Cuisine

Octagon Cuisine

by ERG Paradise

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This dish may be more complicated to cook in the hotel. . It can be simplified to do it at home"


Octagon Cuisine

1. Will kill the chicks. . Chop a cube that is 1 meter in size. . Wash and drain. . Put the steamed fish, bean oil, thirteen spices, ginger, spring onion, chicken essence and marinate for one hour. . It's okay if there is no time

Octagon Cuisine recipe

2. Put half a pot of clean salad oil in a pot and heat it to 7 cheng oil temperature. . (That is, the oil temperature is higher) Put in the marinated chicken. . (At this time, be careful, be careful that your hands are hot, put it slowly, put it close to the side of the pan, and be safe).

Octagon Cuisine recipe

3. Heat a little oil in the pan. . Put in three or five primers (one small quick), and the oil temperature should not be too high at this time. . When it is melted, add dried Chinese pepper and bell pepper (depending on the situation) and stir fragrant ginger and green onions. After the fried chicken pieces are put in, start to taste, add some steamed fish-pea oil, sugar, chicken essence, and stir well. . Spicy and spicy. . Khan, it’s harder to write this, huh

Octagon Cuisine recipe


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