Oily Salted Duck Eggs

Oily Salted Duck Eggs

by Duoyun 3602

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Pickled salted eggs in hot weather is quite fast, and the yolks that have been pickled in more than 20 days run out of oil. This method is very simple and can be successful with zero cooking skills. If you do it yourself, you are not afraid of any Sudanese red. The best white wine used for marinating eggs is white wine above 50 degrees. You don't need to pour too much. You can make it while soaking, and then roll and soak the other side after soaking. This will not waste.


Oily Salted Duck Eggs

1. Brush the surface of the duck eggs you bought back, and then rinse them with water

Oily Salted Duck Eggs recipe

2. Put the washed duck eggs in a ventilated place and let the water dry

Oily Salted Duck Eggs recipe

3. Prepare high-quality white wine and salt, put the duck eggs in the wine and soak for 3 minutes

Oily Salted Duck Eggs recipe

4. Coat the duck eggs evenly with a layer of salt

Oily Salted Duck Eggs recipe

5. Put the egg in the bottom corner of the fresh-keeping bag

Oily Salted Duck Eggs recipe

6. Wrap it up with a rubber band, and put all the wrapped duck eggs in the sun for a day

Oily Salted Duck Eggs recipe

7. Then place it in a ventilated place indoors. The weather in Guangdong has been marinated for 20 days, and one boiled one. The egg yolk is already oily.

Oily Salted Duck Eggs recipe


1. It can be marinated in summer for 20 days to 1 month, and it will take longer in winter;
2. When salt is wrapped, if the salt is not sticky in some places, use your fingers to stick some white wine on the egg to stick the salt.


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