Duck Eggs recipes

Boiled Eggs in Broth

Broth, Duck Eggs, Salt

Amaranth in Soup

Red Amaranth, Duck Eggs, Canola Oil

Tomato Soup with Egg

Tomato, Egg, Duck Eggs

Tomato Soup with Egg

Duck Eggs, Tomato, Salt

Salted Duck Egg

Duck Eggs, White Wine, Salt

Chinese Savior Crepe

Flour, Corn Flour, Sweet Potato Flour

Oily Salted Duck Eggs

Duck Eggs, White Wine, Salt

Goose Egg Rice Congee

Rice, Duck Eggs, Shimizu

Duck Blood Vermicelli Soup

Duck, Rice Noodles, Duck Blood

Chengwei Tomato Scrambled Eggs

Tomato, Duck Eggs, Salt

Pork Belly Fritters

Pork Belly, Duck Eggs, Salty

Quick Breakfast-duck Omelet Roll with Ham

Duck Eggs, Ham Sausage, Scallions

Glutinous Rice Egg

Glutinous Rice, Duck Eggs, Corn Kernels

Duck Egg Vermicelli Soup

Duck Eggs, Rice Noodles, Carrot

Eggplant Scrambled Eggs

Eggplant (green Peel), Duck Eggs, Oil