Old Beijing Crispy Carp

Old Beijing Crispy Carp

by Yunduo Bread (From WeChat.)

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I was a bit lazy recently. I had to go to the hospital to change the dressing on the seventeenth day after the operation. The affected area would still see fluid and pain. I insisted on going to work and insisting on completing the bean fruit homework. It’s not easy to survive today. There are fewer recipes, and the quality of the pictures is not high. No wonder everyone. My younger brother loves fishing, so every time I go back to my family’s house, I must bring some back. This time it’s all wild crucian carp. It is most suitable for barbecue or braised. Considering the gentleman who loves to eat fish but is always tired by fish bones, I took crisp braised the way. The crispy crucian carp is soft and delicious. Put it in the refrigerator and take it as you want. There is no problem if it is not heated.


Old Beijing Crispy Carp

1. Wash the fish, remove the gills and internal organs, and dry in the shade in a ventilated place.

Old Beijing Crispy Carp recipe

2. Add a spoonful of salt to the pot first, then add cooking oil, and heat it over high heat. The advantage of this is to prevent the fish skin from sticking to the bottom.

Old Beijing Crispy Carp recipe

3. When the temperature of the oil rises to 80%, stick the dried fish with kitchen paper to remove the surface water, and put it in the oil and fry it until golden and crisp. Note that the fish must be deep-fried, so avoid frying the surface black because the oil temperature is too high. It can be fried slowly on medium heat.

Old Beijing Crispy Carp recipe

4. Prepare all the ingredients.

Old Beijing Crispy Carp recipe

5. Put the fried fish on the plate to drain oil.

Old Beijing Crispy Carp recipe

6. Take the scallion and half of the ginger slice and spread on the bottom of the pressure cooker.

Old Beijing Crispy Carp recipe

7. Take a spoonful of fried fish oil, add a spoonful of sugar and fry until melted, then add star anise, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, pepper, and chili to fry together to create a fragrance. Then cook the cooking wine and appropriate amount of water, cover the pot and boil, add 1 tablespoon of salt (determined according to the amount of fish) and dark soy sauce.

Old Beijing Crispy Carp recipe

8. Put the fried fish in a pressure cooker, pour vinegar on it, and top with rock sugar.

Old Beijing Crispy Carp recipe

9. Pour the soup cooked in step 7 on the fish, cover the pot, and cook for about an hour after the pressure cooker is steamed. This dish is very suitable for the elderly and children, and it is also a good choice as a snack.

Old Beijing Crispy Carp recipe


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