Old Hen Soup Porridge Hot Pot

Old Hen Soup Porridge Hot Pot

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Shunde special congee-bottomed hot pot, eat hot pot in another way.

Guangdong is located in the subtropical zone, and every year it is already "winter" in other provinces, and we are still "falling into autumn" with difficulty, often "falling into autumn fails."

Last week, when the cold air hit, the temperature here finally fell below 22 degrees. It suddenly became a lot colder. The "cold" here is different from the dry "cold" in other provinces and cities. Thin down jackets can be worn. .

Every time at this time, it becomes the "hot pot season", in Cantonese it is called "the side stove". In addition to barbecues, restaurants that specialize in hot pot have become the most popular restaurants.

There are also people who like to make hot pot at home. For example, our family likes to buy it in the supermarket to make hot pot at home, and the meat and hot pot soup places in the supermarket are crowded with people, and it is very lively, like a Chinese New Year.

There is a porridge hot pot in Shunde, which can also be called porridge water hot pot. The rice is boiled over a high fire for a few hours, and some of it will be added with chicken juice. At the end, it’s time to taste the seafood-flavored porridge base, which is very sweet.

Home cooking is usually fast, so naturally it’s impossible to keep boiling for a few hours. I choose crushed rice. After the water is boiled, I put the rice down and cook on high fire. At the same time, we stir until the porridge is thick and snowy, and the rice grains bloom. There is no hard rice, you can add chicken juice. I don't have homemade chicken juice on my hand, so I used Knorr's Lao Hen Chicken Soup, which contains chicken powder made from real chicken, which is delicious when eaten hot.


Old Hen Soup Porridge Hot Pot

1. Wash the lettuce, watercress, and crab-flavored mushrooms separately, remove the roots, cut the lettuce and watercress into easy-to-eat pieces, drain the excess water, and set aside.

Old Hen Soup Porridge Hot Pot recipe

2. Cut the soft tofu into small pieces and set aside.

Old Hen Soup Porridge Hot Pot recipe

3. For meat preparation, beef tendon balls and cheese-covered fish balls can be simply washed, drained, and beef rolls are placed in the refrigerator for later use.

Old Hen Soup Porridge Hot Pot recipe

4. To process the garlic cloves, flatten the garlic cloves with a knife blade and remove the garlic clothing. Use a garlic press to press the flattened garlic into minced garlic. Heat in a small pot over medium heat, pour in peanut oil and minced garlic, stir fry until fragrant, and then add special soy sauce. Stir-fry for a while, pour out a bowl and let cool for later use.

Old Hen Soup Porridge Hot Pot recipe

5. The ingredients for the porridge base: clean water, broken rice, old hen-flavored thick soup.

Old Hen Soup Porridge Hot Pot recipe

6. The broken rice is soaked in clean water, cleaned and filtered with a fine mesh filter, and drained of excess water for later use.

Old Hen Soup Porridge Hot Pot recipe

7. Add water to a deep pot, cover, and start cooking on high heat.

Old Hen Soup Porridge Hot Pot recipe

8. After the water boils, pour in the washed crushed rice, stir a few times quickly, keep the heat open, and cook.

Old Hen Soup Porridge Hot Pot recipe

9. Boil the porridge until the water is snow-white and no hard rice grains are visible. Add 1 piece of the old hen-flavored soup treasure, stir a few times, keep the heat open, and cook.

Old Hen Soup Porridge Hot Pot recipe

10. Both the cooking process and the blanching process are kept on high fire. Stir and stir from time to time to cook the bottom of the porridge. You can put the boil-resistant beef tendon balls and cheese-covered fish balls to cook, scoop up, and then add the fat beef. Roll, then to shabu vegetables, and finally taste the porridge bottom.

Old Hen Soup Porridge Hot Pot recipe


1. The Knorr Chicken Soup Taste Soup Bao I used is packed with 2 pieces, one piece is 32 grams, and the recipe is exactly 1 piece. The bottom of the porridge will not be very salty.

2. The dipping sauce of garlic and premium soy sauce is delicious, suitable for meat and vegetables. If you like garlic, you can add more garlic.

3. Keep the porridge hot pot on a high heat and turn to a low fire. The porridge is easy to sink and become muddy. Add enough water at one time. If it is not enough, add boiling water; if you like more delicate porridge water, you need to continue to stir and continue cooking. Cook until no rice grains are visible.

4. Congee-bottomed hot pot is more suitable for eating seafood and shellfish. If you like, you can prepare these ingredients, which will cook faster than beef tendon balls.


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