Orleans Egg Ham Pancakes

Orleans Egg Ham Pancakes

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The simple and delicious Orleans egg pancakes are unique with Orleans barbecue powder.


Orleans Egg Ham Pancakes

1. Pour flour, oil and water into the basin together

Orleans Egg Ham Pancakes recipe

2. Then add a little Orleans barbecue powder, not too much

Orleans Egg Ham Pancakes recipe

3. Stir in one direction with egg soaking evenly

Orleans Egg Ham Pancakes recipe

4. After stirring well, preheat the pan, first pour a part of the egg mixture, then add a tablespoon of batter, and fry slowly over low heat (don’t move it until the bottom is not solidified! It is best to use a non-stick pan to fry )

Orleans Egg Ham Pancakes recipe

5. When it is half solidified, add the cut sausage and sprinkle some Orleans grilled wing powder, and then brush some chili sauce on it, so that it will taste more delicious. If you have green onions at home, you can sprinkle some green onions on it.

Orleans Egg Ham Pancakes recipe

6. After the bottom is completely solidified, turn it over, turn off the heat, and use the remaining temperature to cook the other side.

Orleans Egg Ham Pancakes recipe


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