Oven Potato Chips

Oven Potato Chips

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Potato chips can be made especially crisp if they are not fried.
The child likes to eat very much, don’t worry about getting fat if you don’t have oil


Oven Potato Chips

1. The potatoes are steamed, mashed with a fork, add salt, pepper, and milk, mix well

Oven Potato Chips recipe

2. Put it in a piping bag.

Oven Potato Chips recipe

3. Extrude small circles one by one. Be the same size

Oven Potato Chips recipe

4. Cover with a greased paper, flatten and thin with the bottom of the cup to make it crispy

Oven Potato Chips recipe

5. Bake in the oven at 100 degrees for about 30 minutes

Oven Potato Chips recipe

6. After baking, the oil paper will be opened as soon as it is torn

Oven Potato Chips recipe

7. Very crispy, no deep fried, children love it very much

Oven Potato Chips recipe


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