Pan Cheesecake

Pan Cheesecake

by Chaoshiji

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Pan Cheesecake


Pan Cheesecake

1. Put low powder, butter, egg yolk, and powdered sugar into the container and knead into a ball.

Pan Cheesecake recipe

2. Flatten the bottom of the pot, pierce a few holes, and emboss with a fork.

Pan Cheesecake recipe

3. Cream cheese, powdered sugar, eggs, egg whites, low powder, salt, lemon juice, mix and stir well.

Pan Cheesecake recipe

4. Put the cheese liquid on the bottom of the cake and pour out the bubbles.

Pan Cheesecake recipe

5. Low heat for 10 minutes, minimum heat for 25 minutes, turn off the heat and simmer for 5 minutes.

Pan Cheesecake recipe


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