Pan-fried Tilapia

Pan-fried Tilapia

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1. Tilapia has a high protein content and is rich in a variety of essential amino acids required by the human body. Among them, the content of glutamic acid and glycine is particularly high, and the composition of essential amino acids is balanced and rich. It is a high-quality high-protein product. Compared with meat protein, fish protein is easier for the human body to digest and absorb, and the nutrients ingested will be fully utilized without waste.
2. Tilapia has a high content of retinol. Retinol helps prevent night blindness and vision loss, helps treat a variety of eye diseases, maintains the normal function of the immune system, removes age spots, promotes growth, strengthens bones, and maintains skin and hair , Teeth and gums are healthy, and it has the effect of anti-respiratory infection.


Pan-fried Tilapia

1. Wash the tilapia and marinate in a little salt for 10 minutes

Pan-fried Tilapia recipe

2. Put the right amount of oil in the hot pan to fry the fish

Pan-fried Tilapia recipe

3. Fry until golden on both sides

Pan-fried Tilapia recipe

4. Sprinkle a little chopped green onion on the plate.

Pan-fried Tilapia recipe

5. If it's not salty enough, add a little soy sauce when eating it will be more delicious

Pan-fried Tilapia recipe


Marinate the fish with a little salt and fry it over a slow fire until golden on both sides


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