Pan-fried Wonton Wrappers

Pan-fried Wonton Wrappers

by Xiaoyu Kitchen

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This is the wonton skin that I bought at night to make a copy of my hand. There is too much left. I don't know how to deal with it. It will definitely break tomorrow. It was in the refrigerator last time. When it was taken out, every piece of leather was glued together. There was no way to separate it, so I just used the waste like this, it was very crispy and fragrant.


Pan-fried Wonton Wrappers

1. Three quail eggs and chopped green onion are ready. Prepare the wonton wrappers (actually, the wonton wrappers can’t be used so much)

Pan-fried Wonton Wrappers recipe

2. Break the quail eggs, add chopped green onion, add some salt and mix well

Pan-fried Wonton Wrappers recipe

3. Put a piece of wonton skin down, and cover both sides with egg wash and chopped green onion. Get another piece to stick to the lower piece. Wrap both sides repeatedly and evenly put another piece, and so on. If the skin is very thick. Two sheets are recommended. This one is very thin. I made 4

Pan-fried Wonton Wrappers recipe

4. Heat in a pot and add oil to 60% heat. Then change the fire to a low heat, use chopsticks and slowly put it down to fry

Pan-fried Wonton Wrappers recipe

5. By analogy, fry until golden on both sides

Pan-fried Wonton Wrappers recipe

6. You can sprinkle some sesame seeds

Pan-fried Wonton Wrappers recipe


No quail eggs can be exchanged for eggs. You can make a few more eggs to make a thick pancake.


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