Fried Wanton

Fried Wanton

by Beans

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Small, bite-sized wantan, with a variety of fillings, most of which are cooked in boiling water, then add noodles and soup to make wantan noodles; or just eat net wantan. The wonton in the soup tastes smooth and delicious. Once I found fried golden and crispy wonton in a store, and I thought it was quite delicious. Although I don't often eat fried food, I will make some at home if I want to eat it occasionally.


Fried Wanton

1. Prepare the materials

Fried Wanton recipe

2. Soak the mushrooms in advance

Fried Wanton recipe

3. Mince mushrooms and carrots, mince green onions and add them to the meat filling

Fried Wanton recipe

4. Add salt, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and pepper and stir well

Fried Wanton recipe

5. Take a piece of wonton wrapper and lay it flat in the palm of your hand, use chopsticks to take an appropriate amount of meat filling and place it in the middle of the wonton wrapper

Fried Wanton recipe

6. Fold diagonally and fold forward again, turn both sides diagonally back and squeeze tightly

Fried Wanton recipe

7. It looks like this when done well, of course the shape is whatever you like

Fried Wanton recipe

8. Deep fry until golden brown

Fried Wanton recipe

9. Just remove the drain oil

Fried Wanton recipe


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