Pan Spicy Grilled Squid

Pan Spicy Grilled Squid

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The most enjoyable thing in summer is to drink beer on skewers, listening to the fresh and tender squid skewers on the grill, the saliva can not stop flowing out, but the health risks of the roadside stalls are always there, and you have to endure the sultry heat. The weather, and these can actually be done in one pan~

Pan Spicy Grilled Squid

1. 1 squid, remove the squid silk, cut in the middle, wash with water, wipe off the water, cut both sides, and put on a bamboo stick

Pan Spicy Grilled Squid recipe

2. Put 25g of hoisin sauce, 5g of sweet noodle sauce, and 5g of garlic chili sauce in a bowl, and mix well

Pan Spicy Grilled Squid recipe

3. Heat up a frying pan, brush with oil, add 30g shredded onion and saute until fragrant

Pan Spicy Grilled Squid recipe

4. Then add the squid and fry it with a spatula on both sides, brush with the sauce

Pan Spicy Grilled Squid recipe

5. Sprinkle with chili powder and cumin powder

Pan Spicy Grilled Squid recipe

6. Put it out of the pan, sprinkle with cooked white sesame seeds, and enjoy

Pan Spicy Grilled Squid recipe


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