Papaya Fish Bone Soup

Papaya Fish Bone Soup

by Little dog owner_CSY

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MAMA and PAPA carried several papaya back. Who called the papaya tree in my aunt's house is covered with papaya? I was planning to pickle the sour papaya, but I only knew everything. It's late, the papaya is ripe, sour papaya can't be made, so let's use it to make soup.
Papaya fish bone soup is a common soup in my family, the simplest and beautiful, sweet soup, dry autumn, it's not bad to have you.


Papaya Fish Bone Soup

1. Prepare the papaya, peel and seed; prepare fish bones and ginger slices; heat the pot and fry the fish bones; chop the papaya in large chunks and wash for later

Papaya Fish Bone Soup recipe

2. After the fish bones are filled, continue to add the ginger slices and papaya pieces and stir fry to get the aroma; put the fried fish bones in the pan and add enough water; then put the fried papaya and ginger slices into the pot, control the time to boil for 30 About minutes; boiled papaya fish bone soup, just drink salt to taste

Papaya Fish Bone Soup recipe


CSY reminder:
1. The fish bones bought by MAMA are grass carp;
2. MAMA said that using melons to boil the soup is cool, add some ginger slices to quench the cold, and balance it.


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