Papaya Tremella Syrup

Papaya Tremella Syrup

by The Rhyme of the Sea Food

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1h 30m



Papaya Tremella syrup nourishes yin and nourishes the lungs, and can assist in the treatment of symptoms such as dry-heat cough, dry cough without sputum.


Papaya Tremella Syrup

1. Soak the white fungus with water for 1 and a half hours, remove the stalks and cut the white fungus into small pieces, so that more gum can be cooked and put in the boiling pot of the Dongling breakfast machine

Papaya Tremella Syrup recipe

2. Choose papaya that is neither too ripe nor too raw, the papaya is fleshed and peeled

Papaya Tremella Syrup recipe

3. Cut papaya into small pieces

Papaya Tremella Syrup recipe

4. Put it in the saucepan

Papaya Tremella Syrup recipe

5. Pour in the right amount of water

Papaya Tremella Syrup recipe

6. Cover the pot, turn to low heat after boiling and continue to cook for an hour and a half

Papaya Tremella Syrup recipe

7. Finally, add rock sugar and cook until melted

Papaya Tremella Syrup recipe


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