Pasta Sauce

Pasta Sauce

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Pasta sauce


Pasta Sauce

1. Add water to the pot and boil, add the tomatoes to blanch for 30 seconds

Pasta Sauce recipe

2. Peel and diced tomatoes

Pasta Sauce recipe

3. Minced garlic

Pasta Sauce recipe

4. Minced onion

Pasta Sauce recipe

5. Heat oil in the pot, put the minced meat in the pot and stir-fry until the minced meat changes color

Pasta Sauce recipe

6. Then add garlic slices and minced onions and stir fry evenly

Pasta Sauce recipe

7. Then pour the tomatoes into the pot and stir-fry evenly, then pour in the tomato sauce, salt, black pepper, and white sugar

Pasta Sauce recipe

8. Stir evenly to get out of the pot

Pasta Sauce recipe


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