Paste Soup Powder

Paste Soup Powder

by Lily blossoms (from WeChat.)

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I like to eat the noodle soup from Hubu Alley. This is the first time to make noodle soup at home.


Paste Soup Powder

1. Remove the scales, viscera, gills, and wash the fish,

Paste Soup Powder recipe

2. Hang up to dry when you have time

Paste Soup Powder recipe

3. After the pan is heated, add oil, put the fish in the pan and fry on low heat (fried yellow on both sides)

Paste Soup Powder recipe

4. Prepare the pressure cooker, put the fried fish in the pot, add the ginger, heat the water, and give the cooking wine

Paste Soup Powder recipe

5. After SAIC, press for 40 minutes and then turn off the heat until it deflates naturally

Paste Soup Powder recipe

6. Scoop out the fish, fish bones, and ginger with a net spoon

Paste Soup Powder recipe

7. Soak the brown rice overnight in advance, pour the soaked brown rice and water into the cooking machine to make a paste

Paste Soup Powder recipe

8. Pour the beaten brown rice syrup slowly into the fish soup, low heat, and stir slowly until all the brown rice syrup is poured in and mixed evenly

Paste Soup Powder recipe

9. Pour the fish paste soup from the pressure cooker into the pot

Paste Soup Powder recipe

10. In another pot, boil the water and cook the noodles

Paste Soup Powder recipe

11. Add salt and pepper to the fish paste soup

Paste Soup Powder recipe

12. Put the cooked noodles into a bowl with chopsticks, pour in the cooked fish paste soup, sprinkle with shallots

Paste Soup Powder recipe

13. After the pan is heated, put it on a low heat and no oil, put the fried dough sticks in for frying, turn it over again, turn off the heat, the fried dough sticks are crispy

Paste Soup Powder recipe

14. Let’s start, except the noodles are not very tasty, the others are quite tasty

Paste Soup Powder recipe


You have to buy Guilin rice noodles to taste delicious, the supermarket only sells this


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