Pea Point Meatball Soup

Pea Point Meatball Soup

by Fighter in the goddess

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For the first time, I brought up the dishes I made, a very simple soup. My mother often made it for me at home, and the taste was rather light. The materials and methods are all simple. It is a dish suitable for novice Xiaobai. Of course, I am also a novice Xiaobai, what is wrong, please give me your advice.


Pea Point Meatball Soup

1. The pork is chopped into minced meat. It is best to use three-point fat and seven-point lean pork. Cut the green onion into minced shapes, and cut the ham into strips for later use.

Pea Point Meatball Soup recipe

2. Beat eggs into the pork, then add starch, soy sauce, salt, ginger, sesame oil, and green onions.

Pea Point Meatball Soup recipe

3. Stir in one direction and start boiling water at the same time.

Pea Point Meatball Soup recipe

4. After the water is boiled, squeeze out the meatballs with your hands, or rub them with your hands, anyway, any square or round will do, you are happy.

Pea Point Meatball Soup recipe

5. After all the meat is in the pan, add the previously cut ham and cook for 2-3 minutes. depend on mood

Pea Point Meatball Soup recipe

6. Now add the pea tips (in fact, the amount of pea tips depends on you, so add more if you like), don't cover the lid.

Pea Point Meatball Soup recipe

7. After 1-2 minutes (that is, when the pea tips reach the softness and firmness you like), pour a few drops of sesame oil and add a little salt, and it will be ready to cook.

Pea Point Meatball Soup recipe


1. Follow one direction when stirring the minced meat, it will taste better.
2. Do not cover the lid with the pea tips, otherwise the pea tips will look yellow and not good-looking.
3. Add less salt at the end, because salt was added to the meat before.
4. Don't pay too much attention to the amount of seasoning, just follow your own taste. Meat, vegetables, and ham are also available. Add more if you like.
5. I feel so long-winded


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