Pickled Cucumber

Pickled Cucumber

by Taste chew

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Every year when the cucumber is on the market, I make this pickled cucumber.
If you don't have an appetite in summer, you can go with this, whether it is served with noodles, porridge, or rice, it is absolutely appetizing.
The main thing is simple, if you like pickles, try it.


Pickled Cucumber

1. Choose fresh, tender cucumbers (usually smaller roots, and more brittle with prickles)

Pickled Cucumber recipe

2. Clean the cucumber, it is best to quickly scald it with boiling water for sterilization

Pickled Cucumber recipe

3. Cut the cucumber into small pieces, add salt and mix well, let it stand for half a day to drain

Pickled Cucumber recipe

4. Squeeze the cucumber dry

Pickled Cucumber recipe

5. Pack it in a clean cloth bag and press heavy objects on it for about half a day (I put a pot of water on it)

Pickled Cucumber recipe

6. Put the pressed cucumber in a clean container (you can taste the taste to see if you need to add salt later)

Pickled Cucumber recipe

7. All the ingredients are washed and dried (ginger, garlic slices,)

Pickled Cucumber recipe

8. Put the soy sauce in the pot, add brown sugar, pepper, chili and star anise to boil

Pickled Cucumber recipe

9. After boiling, turn off the heat, add ginger and garlic slices, and let cool

Pickled Cucumber recipe

10. Then pour the chilled sauce into a container for cucumbers, pour a spoonful of white wine, and keep it sealed in the refrigerator. It will taste after two days or so, the longer the time, the better the taste, but it is not recommended to leave it for too long, ten days and eight days is still no problem

Pickled Cucumber recipe


1. It is best to choose a smaller root, which is more brittle with thorns.
2. Be sure to add salt to marinate the cucumber to get the moisture, and then press it with a heavy object for a long time to make it more crispy.
3. The brown sugar can be replaced with white sugar.
4. Let the cooked soy sauce cool before pour it into the cucumber.
5. The tools and ingredients used in the whole process need to be oil-free and blanched with boiling water.


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