Pickled Fresh

Pickled Fresh

by Xianger Kitchen

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In spring, in Shanghai, every family will never miss a dish, that is, marinated bacon, fresh meat and spring bamboo shoots, which means simmering slowly. When I was a child, no matter how hard my life was at home, I would cook a pot in this season and relieve my greed, as if I missed something if I didn’t eat this marinated tuxian. To make marinated tuxian, you need to cook it in a big pot. You can cook only when the ingredients are sufficient It's so delicious.


Pickled Fresh

1. Fresh pig tail bones are soaked in clean blood in advance and then washed, bacon is cut into pieces and washed with warm water, and spring bamboo shoots are prepared

Pickled Fresh recipe

2. Remove the old roots of the bamboo shoots, then cut them with a knife, peel off the shell and wash

Pickled Fresh recipe

3. Cut into hob blocks

Pickled Fresh recipe

4. Prepare ginger, green onion and rice wine

Pickled Fresh recipe

5. Boil the tail bones and bacon in a pot under cold water, then remove and wash

Pickled Fresh recipe

6. Then put the pork tail bones and bacon into the pot, pour in water, add ginger and rice wine, cover with high heat

Pickled Fresh recipe

7. After boiling the pot, add 1 teaspoon of salt, pour the bamboo shoots into the blanching water, remove and wash

Pickled Fresh recipe

8. Open the lid when there is foam rising, and after removing the foam, add the lid to a high heat and turn to a low heat to simmer for about 1 hour.

Pickled Fresh recipe

9. Open the lid and pick up the bacon and cut into small pieces

Pickled Fresh recipe

10. Turn to high heat, pour in bamboo shoots and part of the bacon, then cover and bring to a boil, turn to low heat for 20 minutes

Pickled Fresh recipe

11. Sprinkle with chopped green onion after serving

Pickled Fresh recipe


1. The salty taste of bacon varies from one family to another. My family’s is not very salty. If it is too salty, you need to soak some of the salty flavor with water to avoid over-salty.
2. Putting a large piece of bacon into the pot can reduce the salty taste of the soup. After picking it up, cut into small pieces and don't put it all in the pot. The bacon will not taste fragrant after it is soft and rotten.
3. Don't add any flavoring to improve the original flavor of this soup.


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Pickled Fresh

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