Pickled in Shanghai

Pickled in Shanghai

by Little Bear Meng Canteen

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If you ask if there is anything special about the upcoming Spring Festival this year, it should be an extra pair of dishes and bring your girlfriends from college to the present to go home for the New Year~ As a Shanghai man who has always been known as a "good man at home" Naturally, in this special time and in front of special people, I have to cook an authentic Shanghai cuisine that does not take too much time, does not lose the flavor and can show personal charm—Jian Du Xian. Fresh bamboo shoots, bacon, ribs, venetian leaves, shredded ginger, cooking wine, water, simple collocation, traditional dishes, listening to the continuous "gurgling" sound, while tasting the freshness of the soup and the tenderness of the meat, Welcome the new year with family and lovers.


Pickled in Shanghai

1. Wash the bacon and cut into pieces, soak for 2 hours; wash and cut the fresh ribs and bamboo shoots into pieces.

Pickled in Shanghai recipe

2. Put all the ingredients in the saucepan except a thousand sheets

Pickled in Shanghai recipe

3. Add boiling water.

Pickled in Shanghai recipe

4. The stew pot selects the old hot soup mode. Put a thousand pieces of knots in the soup half an hour before it is made, and then boil it for half an hour. After the program is over, adjust the salt out of the pot.

Pickled in Shanghai recipe


Flower-shaped louver: 1. A commercially available whole louver, cut into 4 pieces with a cross knife 2. Take one of them and fold in half, and cut out a section about 2 cm wide on the crease side (do not cut, leave the bottom 3cm or so) 3. Roll up the cut louver, and fix the bottom with a toothpick. Arrange the shape to choose fresh bamboo shoots: First, look at the shells of the bamboo shoots. The husk of the bamboo shoots should be tender yellow. The bamboo shoots with this husk are buried deep in the soil, freshly dug out, and very fresh. Second, look at the bamboo shoots meat. Peel off the shell of the bamboo shoots and check the meat. The more tender and white the meat, the crispier the bamboo shoots will taste. Don't choose the green one. The bamboo shoots taste astringent. Third, look at the bamboo shoot festival. Bamboo shoots grow in knots. When buying bamboo shoots, look at the distance between the knots. The closer the distance, the closer, the more delicate the meat of the bamboo shoots, and they taste better. Fourth, look at the shape of bamboo shoots. When buying bamboo shoots, look at the shape of the bamboo shoots. It is better to have a large upper part and a smaller bottom. This kind of bamboo shoots have fewer shells and more meat. Look at the body. When choosing bamboo shoots, you also need to look at the whole bamboo shoots. The bamboo shoots with the same thickness from top to bottom taste more fresh and tender. The tops are thinner and thicker and the bottom ones are slightly rougher. The upper part can be sautéed, and the lower part is stewed and eaten more delicious.


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