Pimple Soup

Pimple Soup

by Weilan Weibo

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After a busy day of cleaning, a bowl of hot pimple soup for dinner will relieve fatigue and lose weight.


Pimple Soup

1. Pick and wash the lettuce, shred it, tear it into large pieces or boil the whole leaves directly according to personal preference.

Pimple Soup recipe

2. Prepare the gnocchi in advance and boil it before boiling. Add the flour to the right amount of water and stir into finely crushed gnocchi. Add water slowly and stir evenly.

Pimple Soup recipe

3. Add appropriate amount of water to the pot, boil the water into the gnocchi, and quickly slide it out, stirring frequently until it is cooked.

Pimple Soup recipe

4. Add the shredded lettuce, turn off the heat, add salt, pepper, mushroom powder and light soy sauce to taste, add some sesame oil if you like, I like light for dinner, no oil.

Pimple Soup recipe

5. When it comes out of the pot, if you like the spicy taste, you can add a little millet, or chili oil or chili sauce, according to your personal taste.

Pimple Soup recipe


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