Pimple Soup

Pimple Soup

by Wild mosquito

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I caught a cold in winter, and a bowl of hot lump soup drives away the cold and warms the whole body and mind. This is the taste of home.


Pimple Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients, boil the cabbage

Pimple Soup recipe

2. Tomatoes are peeled and diced. Our tomatoes are the best I buy in summer, and then frozen, they are especially delicious in winter.

Pimple Soup recipe

3. The water is very small, so stir while adding water. (I still added more water, I did it for the first time

Pimple Soup recipe

4. Stir the tomatoes with the green onion in a hot pot

Pimple Soup recipe

5. Pour in the soaked dried fish and stir fry

Pimple Soup recipe

6. Add a packet of tomato sauce. I recommend this, one package one package is clean and hygienic, the most important thing is that this brand has no additives and is especially delicious.

Pimple Soup recipe

7. Add water to boil

Pimple Soup recipe

8. Pour the gnocchi and continue cooking

Pimple Soup recipe

9. Cook for ten minutes, the gnocchi is thoroughly cooked, put the dried shrimp skin, seaweed and egg flower into pieces, add green coriander, put a little soy sauce, salt

Pimple Soup recipe


It is said that gnocchi can be sprayed with water to make it smaller. Add a little dried fish, dried shrimp skin, and seaweed to make it more delicious. I personally think that scallops and sea rice can also be added. It was considered a success for the first time, so share it with everyone. The smell of home warms you and me.


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