Pimple Soup

Pimple Soup

by Minger Kitchen

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After a night’s rest, the body is actually in a state of extreme water shortage in the morning, so my family usually eats some soup with water for breakfast. Kump soup is the breakfast that my family often eats. In fact, the knot soup seems to be very simple. In fact, you can add various ingredients at will. Meat, fish, seafood, and vegetables can all be added, so the knot soup can be changed at will. Taste, you won’t get tired of eating it every day!


Pimple Soup

1. Mix the gnocchi.

Pimple Soup recipe

2. Heat up the pan and heat the oil, add the onion and ginger in the oil to fry the aroma.

Pimple Soup recipe

3. Add the chopped tomatoes and stir-fry until the soup is made, and pour in an appropriate amount of water.

Pimple Soup recipe

4. After boiling, put in a few oyster meat, secretly tell you, the oyster meat is cooked in soup, the taste is super delicious!

Pimple Soup recipe

5. Season with salt and oyster sauce.

Pimple Soup recipe

6. Finally, add the mixed noodles and eat them after boiling again.

Pimple Soup recipe


Minger's summary: 1 A small coup for cooking pimple soup without muddy soup. Mix the gnocchi in advance, and put some salt in the water used to mix the gnocchi. After mixing the gnocchi, let it go for a while, and then shake the bowl where the gnocchi is placed, so that the outermost flour of the gnocchi is fully integrated on the gnocchi, so that the mixed gnocchi will not be muddy in the soup.

2In the pimple soup, you can add the ingredients that your family likes at will, including meat, fish, seafood, and vegetables.

3 Put the gnocchi in the pot and heat it until the pot is boiled again. It will affect the taste after cooking.


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