Pocket Bread

Pocket Bread

by Eyebrows-Grid

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The ingredients used to make this bread are very simple, and the calories are very low. The formed dough needs to be baked at a high temperature and expand into a hollow shape in a short time. After being cut open, you can add various fillings as you like. The bread is also very chewy, and you can make sandwiches of various flavors.


Pocket Bread

1. Mix all the bread ingredients (200 grams of high-gluten flour, 5 grams of sugar, 2 grams of salt, 2 grams of yeast, and 130 grams of water) and knead to the expansion stage;

Pocket Bread recipe

2. Ferment in a warm place to double its size;

Pocket Bread recipe

3. Divide equally into 6 portions, round and wake up the noodles for 15 minutes;

Pocket Bread recipe

4. Tap the dough to exhaust air, and roll the dough into an oval shape;

Pocket Bread recipe

5. Put it in the baking tray for final fermentation for about 10 minutes;

Pocket Bread recipe

6. Put it in the preheated Dongling Electronic Oven, choose 1 (DIY), heat up to 230 degrees, and down to 190 degrees, about 10 minutes, the bread will expand into a hollow shape and it will be out of the oven.

Pocket Bread recipe

7. Cut the bread open, insert slices of ham, bitter chrysanthemum, and tomatoes.

Pocket Bread recipe


For specific time and temperature, please refer to your own oven


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