Pork Floss Rice Ball

Pork Floss Rice Ball

by Xiao Xiaoduo and Buns

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Originally I wanted to make a cute little duck and chicken rice ball, but I just responded to the sentence "the brain knows, the hands can't", the chicken that I made is a bit scary, well, I'll do it honestly. The simplest rice ball.


Pork Floss Rice Ball

1. Prepare the materials. After the rice is cooked, let it dry until it is not so hot, and it can be made into rice balls when it is warm. If you have sushi vinegar, just pour a little bibimbap to taste better.

Pork Floss Rice Ball recipe

2. First pinch a rice ball, pinch it several times, so that the rice ball is more sticky and not easy to loose.

Pork Floss Rice Ball recipe

3. Squash the rice ball.

Pork Floss Rice Ball recipe

4. Add the stuffing, then roll up, seal on both ends, hold the dough and shape it, and finally wrap the Shanghai moss slices to make the rice ball.

Pork Floss Rice Ball recipe

5. The rice cooked with special rice for Koshihikari sushi at Sagado is more delicious

Pork Floss Rice Ball recipe


1. It is best to use northeastern rice to cook rice balls, because the rice cooked from northeastern rice is more sticky. Let the cooked rice dry for a while, it will not be so hot, and the warm one can be used to make rice balls. Don’t wait until it’s completely cold before cooking, because the rice will be too hard. If there is sushi vinegar, it's better to pour a little bit into the rice. I didn't add it.
2. Holding the rice ball many times will make the rice more sticky and not easy to loose.
3. Put the fillings as you like.


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